Savory Bake House

Savory Pies and Brioche

Savory Pies and Brioche

Savory is putting out pies like it's our job. Oh wait, it is. Our baked brioche sandwiches are a mainstay, along side pies, in our savory collection. Here's what you'll need to know:

We don't have a set menu, but we do try to have vegetairian and meat options out daily.

Brioche are baked in the morning with breakfast and we keep them going until they're gone. If you're making a trip just for one item, I'd suggest calling to make sure we have it first. We can't make any promises, but we can give you the lowdown of the day. 

Our pies come out around 11am and we keep baking them as needed until close. If you're easy going, come in and see what we have. If you're a diehard fan of something specific, make that call and see what we have. If you are looking for 6 or more pies, call us and we'll bake them and box them ahead of you're arrival. 

Aside from orders larger than 6, pies and brioche are a first come first serve item. We are always making changes to our production so that we can keep up with the demand, but please be patient if we are caught in a temporary sell out. Our goal is that no one will go without!

Pies are $6.50 each and brioche sandwiches are $6 each, still tax inclusive.

Savory Bake House Savory Bake House

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